Real Time Alarm Monitor

RTAM was original designed and developed for monitoring food service heating and refrigeration equipment. It is easily be adaptable to other types equipment monitoring functions. RTAM provides real time management and reporting of equipment alarms.

Real Time Alarm Monitor can help you: Some of the many RTAM system features are:
Technical Information
Real Time Alarm Monitor consists of a Collection Station/Server and one or more Monitoring Stations. The Collection Station receives data through a serial printer buffer with modems attached. RTAM was developed using Visual BASIC and a Comm object for the Collection Station, with PowerBuilder for the Monitoring Station. Catalyst SocketTools controls are used in the paging module. RTAM is a 32 bit, multi-user, client server system. We selected Sybase SQLAnywhere as the underlying database for its reasonable cost and powerful features. However, RTAM can use any standard SQL database with minimal changes. Alphanumeric paging and monitoring from an off-site location require a dedicated 24/7 internet connection. The paging service must support e-mail to pager.

Minimum System requirements

RTAM requires a 32 bit operating system such as Windows NT or Windows 2000, 32 Meg of RAM, and a partitioned 2 Gig hard drive as the Collection Station. The Monitoring Stations can have smaller hard drives if you wish. As always, the more memory and drive space, the better. RTAM allows the one Collection Station to receive alarms from multiple modems. RTAM requires connectivity between the Collection Station and each Monitoring Station. RTAMís database manager requires a single database server and seat license for each concurrent user of the database over one (approximately $300 for the server, $100 per seat from Sybase).

PC HotShots does not sell hardware, nor are we a reseller of database management software. We will provide you with the required equipment specifications so you can obtain the hardware from your own sources.

RTAM is license free. You do not pay a royalty or licensing fee to PC HotShots for additional monitoring stations.