Development Overview

Before 'mobile computing' or 'DHTML' becamse popular buzz words, we were implementing these solutions. These pages are a simple example of DHTML. Your content depends on your selected 'technical jargon' interest level. Our clients have had personalized project query ability on our web for several years. We developed software for 'mobile' use long before 'mobile computing' was even on the radar screens of many developers. We developed software to monitor and respond to the condition of remote equipment several years ago. Many of our solutions have been for the elder care industry, so our software systems were century compliant long before "Y2K" became a "hot" issue.

We design and develop software for all the major PC operating systems. We can help you increase productivity and save money, whether it's eliminating duplicate data entry, preventing product loss, tracking billable time, obtaining consolidated reports from disparate data sources, or automating a currently manual process. We will leverage your investment in existing systems by interfacing, integrating, or presenting the data in a more concise, representative format.

PC HotShots, Inc. specializes in developing custom software for data collection, reporting, and access. We have developed many reusable libraries, routines, and dlls to help make rapid deployment a reality. We use modular programming techniques allowing recursion, re-entrancy, multipurpose routines, and function overloading. Probably the buzz words for these techniques are "reusable objects", "object oriented", and maybe even "inheritance". We've encapsulated common API calls within a standard include framework.

The applicaton of these techniques really means easier implementation of ehancements and modifications, reduced load size, increased response speed, and faster development and deployment.

Although the terminology has changed over the years, our software solutions have consistently helped our clients save money. Call or email to let us help your business.