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We develop custom software applications for business. A major problem facing many organizations is not lack of information -- the problem is access to usable information. So much information is available, but because it is stored in many different locations, in many different formats, it's almost impossible to assimilate. Some information may be in computer systems, some information may only exist on paper. Two departments may use two different methods to manage the same data set. Each department must enter the same data -- and they can't share. A terrible waste of time, energy, and money. Some business processes and practices may still be manual, either because no one has had the time to automate, or because "we've always done it this way".

Your personnel spend so much time searching for critical information, they have too little time to actually use the information to do the job.

PC HotShots can help. We design and develop custom software to meet your unique business needs. We have developed software systems to eliminate duplicate data entry. We have developed software that automatically notifies users when critical data in a shared-data system has been modified, while non-critical data changes are transparantly available to the user. We have developed software for mobile data collection, that is managed and reported on at corporate headquarters.

Contact us to discuss your business information challenges. Email address is at the top right corner of every page. Or, browse our site using the menu at left. Learn more about us. We look forward to hearing from you.